President's Message

Learn from the past and look ahead to the future

・We delivery eggs together with safety and secure
・We believe trust with customers will be created by High Quality of eggs
・We conduct studies of feed every day including its recycling method, taking into account of the health

We know the joy of producing “eggs,” an essential part of our daily diet. We also know the responsibility that comes along with selling them. What can we do to produce good eggs without focusing solely on production efficiency? What do we need to do so that people can eat our eggs safe and secure?

We hope to pursue our vision on a more substantive level, regardless of superficial form or style. The “floor rearing,” which is in fact an inefficient system, is indeed unrealistic when you think about efficiency.

Watching our chickens move around freely, however, we feel that the eggs that these chickens lay could offer something unique and different. All the staff at Kuramochi will work as one, step by step, to deliver excellent eggs people would be impressed with; eggs from farms and plants that focus on safety that people can eat safely.

Kazuhiko Kuramochi

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