GP center
GP center

Kuramochi has two GP plants in Ibaraki Prefecture: one in Joso-shi where the head office is located, and the other in Ibaraki-machi.

Temporary storage room

Eggs that have arrived from the chicken farm are stored in a storage room and wait for grading. Here, the low temperature maintains the quality of the eggs.

Washing and drying

Eggs are washed with brushes and hypochlorous acid water and sterilized and deodorized at the same time.  The eggs then get fan-dried and go through the candling process.


The exterior and interior of eggs are checked by a visual examination called candling.
Parts that cannot be visually examined are checked mechanically, using blood-spot detector and crack detector systems.


After examination, eggs are sorted according to the product type, packed and ready to be shipped!


The packed eggs are loaded into vehicles equipped for chilled transport and shipped to the market such as supermarkets.

Wastewater generated during cleaning of the poultry house, etc. is purified before being disposed of. Environmental conservation is also our concern!
Liquid egg

Kuramochi’s head office has a “Liquid Egg Plant” where liquid egg for processing use is produced for commercial purpose, to be used for making puddings, bread, baked eggs, pastries and cakes.

Jiyouran (eggs laid by hens raised on special, organic feed) in a plastic net bag

Production of special packages
In addition to the plastic net bags, shrink packaging is also available. Preparing the special packages requires extra work, but their visual appeal is something the ordinary packaging machine cannot create.

Ozone sterilization of building’s interior at night.  Thorough hygienic control is underway!

The whole building is sterilized by ozone at night.  We have a thoroughgoing hygienic management system that controls the sterilization process.  Ozone is made of air (oxygen) and reverts back to oxygen quickly after it is sprayed.  We take advanced security and safety measures.  All the company staff take the greatest care to deliver the eggs.

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