Poulty house
Poultry House

The poultry house (windowless & floor-rearing poultry house) is always kept clean. Outside-air inlet is installed on the wall: the air gets cooled down 3 degrees as it goes through the moisturized filter pad, so that chickens can be comfortable even in the heat of the summer. As measures against the avian influenza, vehicle disinfection system is installed at the entrance to the chicken farm.


We test chicken feed for salmonella and also keep a record of the manufacturing dates, lot numbers and arrival amount of the feed.


Chicks are tested for salmonella before being introduced and while growing.

Rearing procedures

We raise chickens in a clean environment with close attention to the feed, water quality and health management.  We have professionals exterminate rodents and insects, and we also supply negative iron water into the house.

Compost depot

Chicken manures are fermented over two months and made into organic fertilizer. The fertilizer is used by farmers, home improvement retailers and golf clubs.  Kuramochi is engaged in the Zero Waste campaign.


The first barrier for the collected eggs.  Broken eggs, eggs with dirt on shell surfaces which cannot be washed out and irregular eggs are sorted out at this stage, and the rest will be transported to the GP center where we will perform a much stricter inspection and prepare for their shipment.

Using waste oil

Since 2006 Kuramochi has been using eco fuel/biodiesel made from reclaimed waste oil.

Diesel-powered transport vehicles used inside the facility, forklifts, 2-ton dumper tracks, excavators, etc. are all biodiesel-powered basically.  In biodiesel exhaust, the amount of black smoke is one third of that in diesel exhaust; sulfur oxide is almost non-existent; and the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted to the atmosphere is also very small, which would contribute to preventing global warming and also to recycling.

Wastewater generated during cleaning of the poultry house, etc. is purified before being disposed of. Environmental conservation is also our concern!
Purified water

Water used for cleaning the poultry house is disposed of after being purified by our purification unit underground. 
Always conscious of surrounding environment, Kuramochi has been actively tackling environmental issues.

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