Safe and Secure

This is what Kuramochi is committed to.

Commitment to the food chain and feed

  • We conduct studies of feed every day including its recycle method, taking into account of the health of the chickens
  • "Cross J"-- Mixed feed made from mixed feed "Growrich" (wood vinegar distillate, zeolite) and taste-improving natural products (seaweed, powdered mugwort)
  • We also conduct a study of recycled feed production using okara (tofu refuse) and natto (fermented soybeans).

Cage-free eggs

There are two ways of raising chickens: "caging" and "floor -rearing"

"Eggs" are called "the model student in prices" and in fact their price has remained nearly unchanged for the past 50 years. It did not have anything to do with the bubble economy, and we feel that the title "model student in prices" was given to them as a result of egg producers" corporate efforts.

And we believe that one of the keys to being this "model student in prices" was the "caging" method for chicken-rearing. We can imagine the chickens laying eggs non-stop, caged up in the confined space.

Chickens running around in an unconstrained environment of "floor-rearing" will surely lay fine, healthy eggs.

Imagine the free-range "chickens" in the garden of a farmhouse back in the days--that's the image we would like you to have of "floor-rearing." It's basically raising chickens on a "flat surface" in a situation where the chickens can "roam freely."

By allowing them to move around "freely" we believe we can reduce their stress to a substantial degree. After all, animals, "moving things" in Japanese, really are moving things. Restricting their movements, therefore, can possibly generate stress and affect the health of "chickens".

However, "floor-rearing" is not exactly "free-range rearing" per se. We can never provide "security and safety" unless we safeguard against "outside sources of harm" that surround egg-laying chickens under the currently existing circumstances. So, in April, 2004, we developed a new, very unique method for chicken-rearing by building a "semi-windowless poultry house." We solved the problems associated with the floor-rearing, namely a) coccidium and b) floor eggs.

There, everything is under the control of the "company" and so is the "traceability" system.


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